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Google Grants offers $10,000 per month in free online advertising to registered charities/non-profits. It's an incredible marketing opportunity for charities to share their cause locally or globally. We help your non-profit/charity get a Google Ad Grant based on your eligibility. We also help charities who have applied for Google Grants but are having trouble getting it launched or setting it up.

If you already have Google Grants, we manage the grant on your behalf to accomplish your charity's marketing goals: whether it is to raise awareness, increase fundraising or get more volunteers.

Running successful Google Grants campaigns can be quite challenging, time-consuming and complex. Also, you can run a risk of losing your Grant if you violate Grant policies through changes in the account without knowledge of the Grant specific advertising policies. Having your Google Grants account managed by us will not only save you time and resources involved in active management but also help you benefit from our knowledge and expertise in maximizing the grant's potential.

Google Grants Application - Find Out Your Eligibility!

If you're interested in the Google Grants program and would like to find out how you can get $10,000 a month, we can walk you through the application, process, and details. Get a Free Consultation with a Google Grant Expert now.


  • Big Advertising Budget for Free
  • Boost Your Online Web Presence
  • Raise Awareness, Increase Fundraising & Volunteering
  • Instant Impact on Google Search

Google Grants Management

If you already have Google Grants but are looking for professional help and expertise to maximize the grant's potential, we can make a difference. We can help boost your organization's online presence through our proven strategies and expertise with Google Grants.


  • Save Time & Improve Performance
  • Prevent Risk of Losing Your Grant
  • Receive Regular Performance
  • Updates & Reports
  • Active Account Management
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